Welcome to the world gifts

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Ahh, baby stuff is in the air! Here’s the latest gift made for an adorable little boy. Welcome to the world little baby!

Let’s take a break from school projects and talk about some baby stuff for a change, shall we?
Recently, a dear friend of mine gave birth to the most precious little boy. And even though at the moment, things are hectic and fashion school is completely taking over my life and projects, I tried to find time to make him a special welcome gift.

Welcome to the world gifts - 7

Want to see more? Here’s plenty of pictures and details for you!

In my opinion, no handmade baby gift can be complete without a stuffed toy. So that was the first thing on my list.

Welcome to the world gifts - 8

As a trusted tried and trued pattern, the Amineko is always a quick and easy make. This one is made of blue cotton and white fur-like baby wool. And to add a little whimsy and character to it, I added a red bow tie. Isn’t he cute?

Welcome to the world gifts - 5

From now on, I declare that all male stuffed animals have to wear a bow tie, it’s just too cute! 🙂

Welcome to the world gifts - 6

So the stuffed toy was made but I wanted something else to go with it.

After a few hesitation between a baby quilt or a hand-knitted garment, I decided to go with the latter. Being an huge fan of My Neighbour Totoro and his absolute cuteness, I decided that customising a baby cardigan pattern to become a Totoro costume was the best thing to do. Because what baby wouldn’t look just adorable in a Totoro hoodie? 🙂

Welcome to the world gifts - 1

To do so, I used the free Buttercup Jacket pattern by Drops Design and made a few alterations.

First, by working the bottom hem and front borders in white. The rest was knitted using a blue fur-like baby wool (like the one for the Amineko).

Welcome to the world gifts - 2

Then to mimic the front blue patches of the Totoro, I added blue buttons. These are self made and covered with baby blue fabric and close the cardigan really well.

Welcome to the world gifts - 3

Note also that in the original pattern, there’s only two pairs of button and the hoodie is very large. For my version, I added a third row of buttons and reduced the hoodie’ size. (Partly because I was afraid of running out of yarn…)

Welcome to the world gifts - 4

And last but not least, the cuteness factor went up a notch when these ears were sewed to the hoodie. These are in fact a variation of the Amineko ears and were crocheted. But they do the trick just fine and are just so adorable! Don’t you think? 🙂

I can’t wait to see picture of the baby wearing the hoodie. 🙂

That’s it for this week! With Christmas approaching, these presents would make a great baby gift, too bad there’s no more babies planned for this year. Are you knitting or sewing for the little ones? I would love to hear about what you’re making for Christmas!