What motivates you to sew?

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What motivates you to sew? What’s your drive when you’re starting a new project?
What part of creating something with your own hands, whether knitting or sewing makes you return to the sewing room day after day?

These are questions I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. And for me it’s all part of an never ending quest to find answers and solutions to productivity problems. It seems a lot of other bloggers out there also have the same problem. How many times do you read: “I’ve got my sewing/knitting/insert craft mojo back”. It’s a frustrating thing to loose and inconveniently is always seemed to get lost when you need it the most…


But there’s a solution, I’m sure of it.
You see, the moment you can clearly identify why you’re doing a particular thing, it can become very helpful when you reach a dead end and don’t have the courage to continue any more. And don’t be fooled, for me, this state of mind happens with every projects. At first, everything is exciting but now and then, a problem will arise, or something unexpected will happen. Do you know what I mean?
During these moments, I found that the best way to overcome the difficulty is to remind myself the true reason I am doing this.


It is because you want to learn a new technique? Or you wanted to use the particular new material and test it out? Regardless of the answer, if you can truly identify your mojo, it can really be a powerful thing.

Personally, I’ve always been motivated to learn new things. I love discovering new ways to do things and I’m in heaven when I find a easier way to make something myself. So that’s part of my mojo.
Getting better at a particular technique is also something that drives my projects.
The creative mojo isn’t something that’s easy to find for most people. I’m quite jealous of a person that can exactly tell you the reason why she’s doing something. In my case, it’s more an ongoing process and hopefully it’ll get easier with time to pinpoint it.


How about you? Can you identify the reason behind your hobby? Do you know what keeps you coming back for more and do you feel it has helped you overcome procrastination?
I would love to have your input on this, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment and share your thoughts on the matter.